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Hello Pinterest and Twitter analytics!

Online Marketing Tips to Get Your Content Recognized

28. August 2014


Online Marketing Tips to Get Your Content Recognized


Successful content branding results from creating content that is resourceful in your industry and it builds your authority and trust.

It is important to get it out to wider audiences because otherwise it would just sit unrecognized on your site. Once you show influencers and experts in your industry, and you’ve shown you can be a great resource, the hopes are that it will create inbound…

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Twitter to introduce ‘Buy’ button

25. August 2014

Rumours are circulating the web that Twitter is about to introduce a ‘Buy’ button following a partnership with payments company ‘Stripe’ - could this be a digital marketers e-commerce dream?

As a strong adversary to the ‘hard sell’ tactic, I think in all reality, it doesn’t really change all that much. It might make it slightly easier for consumers to buy products, but does it do any more to make them want to buy in the first place?

There will be companies who utilise the button in every single tweet - maybe even tweet more because of it but in my opinion, the ‘Buy’ button won’t take the place of a strong strategy, a unique product, a brilliant campaign or a sharp piece of content. Therefore the button should not be seen as a way to increase sales, but simply a handy tool to consider and include when planning future campaigns. With so much choice available, consumers simply aren’t duped by the hard sell, never mind wanting to see it in their newsfeed - they want to see content that is memorable and valuable to them.



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